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Phyllis F. Counts
Lincoln County Clerk
112 Main Avenue South, Room 102
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
(931) 433-2454 / FAX (931) 433-9304

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday • 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

1. Registering all motorized vehicles for use on public roads and highways account for the largest portion of business in the office. Registration prices range from $19.75 for small trailer tags to $1,300 for semi-truck tags. In addition to the state fee, the county has a Wheel Tax of $75.00 added to all registrations of motor vehicles.
2. Persons operating a business in Lincoln County must purchase a County business license. The initial license is $15.00. The license is renewed through the Department of Revenue each year. The renewal amount is based on gross receipts.
3. Marriage licenses are issued by this office. Picture identification, and proof of Social Security number are required. The license fee is $42.50 with counseling and $102.50 without counseling. Forms are available for counseling verificiaton prior to issuance of license.
4. The County Clerk is responsible for taking minutes of the County Legislative Body and recording actions taken by the Body. These are public records kept in the Clerk's office.
5. The County Clerk is an agent for TWRA. Hunting and fishing licenses for resident and non-residents may be purchased here.
6. Nominations from the County Legislative Body are required to become a Notary Public. This is handled through the County Clerk's office.
7. Applications are taken and beer permits are issued by the County Clerk after review and passage by the County Beer Board.
8. Wholesale beer tax is collected by the County Clerk from distributing companies. These funds are remitted to the County General Fund.
9. Hotels and motels are required to file a monthly report with the County Clerk. A percentage of their gross sales is submitted and remitted to the County General Fund.

The County Clerk is assisted by Chief Deputy Anna Casey, Kim Sink, Jo Lynn Lewter, Jeannie Hudson, Tucker Webb, and Sydney Pogue (part-time)